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What sets us apart from the others at Channel Islands Tax & Wealth Management is our process and approach to our clients. We help our clients define their goals and help with their dreams. It may sound like fantasy, but it is a straightforward process with the assistance of a comprehensive financial plan. 

Financial Overview

The first step is to take down the facts of where you are today. We’ll go over all of your current assets, from savings to life insurances. We also make an accounting of your liabilities and loans, yearly income, and expenses. Together we take a look at how much you can save on an annual basis. 

Envisioning the Future

Next, we talk candidly about your dreams, goals, and visions for the future. We ask a singularly defining question, “What does your perfect future look like?” We look at where you want to be in one year, three years, ten years, and beyond. 

Financial Road Map

Finally, we build a financial plan, a road map to help you understand the path to your dream destination. We break down the steps you need into attainable goals and create an easy-to-navigate plan to take charge of your financial future. 

As you begin your journey, your vision of the future will become clearer. You can take comfort knowing that we build contingencies to help safeguard what actions and steps you take along the way, no matter what you encounter. We find success and satisfaction as we watch your dreams become your reality. 

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